The Dentist’s Choice, a franchise

Truck-mounted equipment manufacturers

Energy Distribution


Construction. There will be more on this later, but construction businesses are difficult to understand (the lingo is different than standard businesses), can be risky, always needs to be reinventing itself and hard to sell. Most brokers avoid the industry.

The Dentist’s Choice, a franchise. This is the only franchise I have worked with, ever. I am not a fan of franchises, don’t understand most of their business models and find that often the people on the ground don’t get rewarded well. These people are great, management in California to the individual operators. Love them.

Truck-mounted equipment manufacturers. One of our long-term assignments was a general consulting gig with Pitman Manufacturing. Pitman made and mounted the equipment that electric utilities use to dig holes and set poles, among other tasks. From that, I sold a business that uses much of the same components—booms, swing drives, hydraulics—and mounts on trucks. About $12 million.

Energy Distribution. A prominent element of my career involved Midwest Energy, and one of their businesses was natural gas distribution. The largest sale I ever made was a propane company for Midwest, $50 million. We also had a local natural gas distribution company in the Twin Cities and even had the remains of old coal gasification plants. The longer-term assignment in California involved development of distributed electric generation using mini-turbines. That came to an end as our biggest investor was Enron.


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