A Successful career with high-performance companies

Describes the years before NBB Company was created. NBB Company is now, primarily, a TRANSACTION COMPANY. Fees are based on success, no retainers and rarely do I get paid by the hour.

In 1993

We went through a MERGER and my boss, the CEO, became CEO of the merged company. The other CEO got my job.

Failure is difficult to accept, but I failed at the primary job of a corporate executive—manage your boss. I performed with dramatic imperfection.

NBB Company

Is the result of that failure and I was now “working for myself.” It has had many twists and turns with several longer-term assignments, like Pitman and the Portland, Oregon software development company, a two-year stint in the Bay Area with a start-up developing gas-fired mini-turbine generation sets (that was 2000-2002 and our biggest investor was Enron. Nuff said), and other consulting gigs.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Were the highlights of my work at Midwest Energy, and despite the excursions into basic consulting, preparing, advertising, negotiating, documenting and closing transactions is the primary activity of NBB Company.

My favorite client

Is the small business owner who has gone through the sale/purchase process maybe once or twice a lifetime. This is not familiar territory, but I do it all the time, so I can contribute.  Satisfaction.