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This website will refer to “I” and “We” from time to time, but NBB Company is just me, Bob Peterson.

I work with many people, professionals, clients and buyers, but there are no “associates.” The work and the errors are mine alone.

For many years, there was no web site. I was busy with referrals, but times change and, while I’m still adequately busy, you need to have a source to see who you are dealing with.

Since I don’t have to consult with partners or whatever, this web site hopes to be serious but have some whimsical components. Never take the world or yourself too seriously.

One of the pages is given over to a collection of tag lines and quotes, a life-long enjoyment for me. I guess that fits in the Whimsy Slot.

Bob Peterson is the sole owner, president, top guru and stud duck at National Business Brokers Company. He revels in the pretentious name, thinks of himself as too grumpy and too old to have partners or employees.

From a background of 20 years in banking and corporate M&A, he specializes in small ($100,000 to $2 million) deals and often finds more satisfaction than money from helping people achieve their goals. Most of his clients only do this once or twice a lifetime, so they need more counseling than shrewd financial expertise.

His wife owned a medium-sized, union, mechanical contracting firm (commercial plumbing and HVAC) so he knows people and practices in that industry.

Contact him at 913.238.2298. That number rings to his office during normal hours and to his cell otherwise

Twitter— @NBBCompany


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